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College PathWays Story

The Brain PathWays™ assessment and personal report was instrumental in identifying Stephen’s neuroscience strengths and helping him discover more effective ways to learn, study and focus.personalStephen is a college freshman.  In high school he enjoyed physics, computer and hands-on shop courses. He has an active imagination and likes to invent things.  Stephen and his parents concluded that engineering was a good career direction. Stephen was struggling with his first semester college classes, particularly the non-engineering courses delivered in lecture hall format.  Dormitory life was distracting him from being focused and completing homework.  Stephen was on the brink of being placed on academic probation.

Brain PathWays™ Discoveries

Stephen learned that his sensory neuroscience strengths are Kinesthetic and Visual. This explained why he did well in hands-on situations and lab courses but struggled with auditory lectures. He also discovered that his cognitive thinking strength was “right brained” Highly Global.  He now understands why he excels at multi-dimensional creative problem solving, but makes mistakes in courses requiring logical order and sequential processing. Stephen realized he needed to approach all of his learning based on the unique way his brain processes.

Stephen’s Actions and Outcomes
  • Stephen began using the customized Accelerated Learning and Personal Productivity strategies from his report in all of his learning actions.  This immediately resulted in improved grades for the courses he was enrolled in. Overall, Stephen’s grade point average increased from 2.2/4.0 to 3.1/4.0 over the next 2 semesters.
  • Stephen’s accelerated learning actions from his report included:
    1. Squeezing a small soft ball and taking thorough notes in class.
    2. Tape recording lectures and listening to them later to refine notes.
    3. Putting key learning points on flash cards to incorporate movement.
    4. Discussing key concepts with classmates.
    5. Studying and preparing for tests using Kinesthetic and Visual strategies.
    6. Using the brain based memorization techniques.
  • Stephen is also now adjusting his focus on a hands-on design job with an engineering background.
  • Stephen feels better about himself and his abilities and his parents are happy that Stephen has found his unique methods for achievement.