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The Neuroscience of You

Fact #1:  Your brain is the most powerful and complex operating system in the universe. It contains 100 billion neurons with almost infinite possible pathway connections that exceed the stars in the galaxy.

Fact #2: Your brain is uniquely different from anyone else’s on the planet. Knowing how your brain is wired is essential life information for guiding your personal, career, college and family success. Why spend more time figuring out how to use your computer, your cell phone or your big screen TV than you do on using your most valuable possession - your brain?

Fact #3: As we enter the Century of the Brain, you are now able to discover more about yourself than ever before. The Brain PathWays™ neuroscience assessment is the first of its kind. It identifies your unique neuroscience strengths and gives you your personal “Brain User’s Manual” for life success.

The journey into your brain is an exciting and amazing journey. Your brain possesses  infinite potential to perform, grow and change. It is the most complex mass of protoplasm on earth.  Knowing how your brain works and is uniquely wired is the most important thing to know about yourself.

Every individual is born with approximately one hundred billion brain neuron cells. Each cell has the potential of making 20,000 connections with other cells. The number of potential neuron connections or pathways exceeds the number of stars in the galaxies. Your brain pathways are formed partially by genetics, but mostly by life experience and the repetitive choices you make every day, making your brain unique. What set Einstein’s genius apart was not what he started with, but how he developed his thinking through vast neuron pathways.

Your brain is dynamic, not static. Neuroscience research reveals that you have “brain plasticity” or the ability to continuously grow and adapt your brain as you learn and use new information despite your age. The more you learn, think and use knowledge, the more you grow and increase your intelligence and resourcefulness.

Your Super Highways
How do you grow your unique brain pathways?  When neurons communicate and connect with each other, the dendrite branches or neural networks increase, grow stronger and become your super highways or pathways for life. They affect your thinking and learning, careers, productivity, relationships, decision making, problem solving, creativity and the people you feel most comfortable with.

Discover how your brain is wired and receive your personal navigation system to…
  • Careers and jobs in which you are naturally aligned
  • Peak performance strategies
  • Optimal learning and thinking methods
  • People, situations and work that energize you
  • Your creative problem solving strategies
  • Reduced stress for optimal thinking