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Family PathWays Story

Each family member has their own unique way of learning and thinking.  The Hudson Family Profile illustrates how they used the Brain PathWays™ family profile to improve communications, respect and positive outcomes in their pathway Nancy was worried about her husband Jim’s job security and wanted to develop a plan in the event of his layoff.  She wanted to have discussions with Jim regarding the situation. She was frustrated with Jim because she felt he didn’t listen to her and she feels he is often unrealistic.  Jim felt that Nancy asked too many questions, wanted to talk about the situation incessantly and that she was overly concerned about the details of the job situation.Jennifer, their 16 year old daughter enjoys math and science and wanted to go to college. She was struggling with her Biology and Calculus classroom instruction, but aceing her Biology lab sessions.  Her father wanted her to begin deciding on a college major.

Brain PathWays™ Discoveries

After receiving their Brain PathWays™ reports, Nancy and Jim realized that their brain strengths are completely opposite, providing clarity on their frustrations and communication challenges with each other.  Jennifer understood why she was struggling in her two classes because they were pure lecture and did not incorporate any hands-on activities.  Her Kinesthetic sensory pathway also explained why she was doing great in lab sessions.

Family Actions and Outcomes
  • Jim and Nancy agreed to have discussions while taking walks so that Jim could process information while moving. Being able to process better, he now gives Nancy feedback on what she is saying.
  • They both now see that Jim is a “big picture’ thinker and Nancy is a “logical detailed” thinker. Jim shares his overall concept and impression of the situation and appreciates Nancy’s ability to organize and prioritize the actions they have decided upon.
  • Realizing that Visual is the only common pathway they both share, they have decided to create a visual map of their actions, timelines and goals.
  • Jennifer used the Accelerated Learning tools, making small adjustments in the classroom and studying at home with an increase in her grades.
  • Jennifer and her father’s brain pathways are very similar.  Jim began helping Jennifer with homework and she was able to understand the concepts quickly.
  • Jennifer used the career tools and began to get clear on her college major based on her brain strengths