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Century of the Brain…The New Frontier for Human Development

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  • People around the globe are looking toward neuroscience as the new frontier for human development and peak performance.
  • Knowing how “your brain is wired” and how to use and leverage your strengths are the pathways to Personal, Career, Family and College Success.
  • People world-wide give rave reviews for Brain PathWays™The Neuroscience of You and  BRAIN MODE® power…The Neuroscience of Business. These scientific, neuroscience products are developed by The HADRON Group for increasing personal, business and educational success

What Corporate Clients Have to Say

“With my management experience in the private sector for more than 21 years, I became skeptical about tools that were promised to improve my productivity, performance, management skills, and competencies.I was “exposed” to one of the most wonderful experiences through the knowledge I absorbed from this product.  This is real….this is something you can see working within the first 4 hours of being in contact with it and using it. This system is different because it is the only Scientific System in the world for its purpose. It helped me become aware of the power of the brain and my strengths for learning and thinking. More importantly, I became more aware of the wonderful differences within all human beings, which makes us special.This is the best way I have seen to show respect to people, to make their strengths stronger and maximize their capacity to learn. It is about understanding and maximizing who we are.”

Daniel Brene,
(former Director of Pfizer, Costa Rica)
Senior Consultant, Aldi Zelidon,
Costa Rica

“Having spent most of my career in management and executive positions with NASA, I was constantly on the alert for training interventions that might truly unleash the tremendous power of the organization’s workforce.  Numerous system-wide attempts in the past, such as ISO, and HPO, had not produced the sustained insights necessary for the organization to thrive in these complex times. Several instruments can analyze individual traits and preferences, so why did I select BRAIN MODE®  power?  First, BRAIN MODE ® power has been scientifically validated and found to be reliable. Some of the most popular other type indicators have no scientific validity.Secondly, several research studies have found that the foundation of BRAIN MODE® power, Neuro-Linguistic Programming (NLP), can be helpful in such varied situations as sports coaching.  And thirdly, BRAIN MODE® power is FUN particularly when conducted in naturally occurring working groups. It is interactive, and physical, appealing to the kinesthetic learners.  It had content delivered verbally, appealing to the auditory learners, and it has strong visual content, appealing to the visual learner. The time seems to fly by!It gives affect-neutral language to describe the preferences and qualities of each participant making it safe to discuss in group settings. Most importantly, each person takes away an understanding of how they can best support team efforts, or support themselves in personal growth challenges. When done in teams, each team lead is presented with a compilation of the teams preferences with facilitation support techniques for future reinforcement.BRAIN MODE® power was successful in NASA by unleashing the potential of teams. I sincerely believe that you will find it invaluable in your organization. You have nothing to loose but unwanted deficits.”

Dr. Susan Burgess Miller

(Former Director of Academic Investments, NASA)
Complex Culture Change Consulting

“Monsanto Dairy used BRAIN MODE® power in their new hire development program over several years. The program had numerous contributions to the creation of a ‘learning culture.’ I would say the biggest gain from using BRAIN MODE® power within Monsanto Dairy was the raised awareness of another type of diversity and allowed team members to better leverage each other’s style and strengths.”

Dr. Wayne Weiland,
Director of Technical Services
Monsanto Dairy Business

“Brain PathWays is a significant more powerful tool for those seeking to enhance personal and professional success when compared to conventional Myers-Briggs or other types of personality or temperament assessment tools. Brain PathWays not only gives valuable insight into who you are, more importantly it tells you how to leverage your preferences for learning, thinking and communicating to dramatically increase professional and personal success. Knowing your personality type, while useful, does not help you succeed. In contrast, Brain PathWays tells you how to learn faster, think better, or communicate more effectively, all of which are keys to success! I have used various types of personality assessment tools periodically for over twenty years, but it was not until I used Brain PathWays and Brain Mode Power that I was finally able to effectively focus professional development so that it actually enhanced my effectiveness, productivity and success. I would recommend that anyone truly committed to personal development use these tools at least annually.”

William F. Goure, Ph.D.
President and Chief Executive Officer, Acumen Pharmaceuticals, Inc.
San Francisco, CA

“While working for an engineering and general contracting company I made frequent use of the Hadron Group’s neuroscience program, resulting in enhanced training programs, better process improvement sessions, and improved project results.  Project management instructors used the results of the assessment results to modify and upgrade subsequent sessions with teaching aides that were appropriate for the group’s primary brain strength preferences. For many years thereafter, there were many feedback reports from project managers that included reference to the outcomes of these experiences and the assessment instrument and report in helping them to deal with their onsite teams and subcontractors.In the final analysis, this instrument played a significant role in helping our employee population be better leaders, be more understanding of policy and procedure and therefore more consistent in the practice of quality workmanship and producing improved cost and timeline results through effective interaction with project stakeholders.”

Gary R. Maule,
P.E., Project Manager

Integrated Project Management, Inc.

“Information about sensory and cognitive neuroscience strengths can be very valuable at both an individual and a team level. Individually, people need to understand how they learn best in order to be more effective and efficient learners. At a team level, all manner of team interactions can be improved once people understand how brain strengths impact their preferences for working together. The Hadron Group has developed a number of simple, relatively inexpensive tools for helping people leverage their strengths. If you are searching for ways to improve individual learning and team interactions, I would recommend that you take a look at applying these tools in your business.”

George Schenk,
Director, Organizational and Management Development

Monsanto Company

“Several years ago I became the manager of a group of people that I didn’t know and who didn’t know me. Of these twenty, 5 were also recent hires, so there was still some “getting acquainted” going on within the group when I arrived. One of the first meaningful activities we undertook as a new team was to complete the Learning and Thinking Styles Inventory for everyone. It proved to be one of the best team-building tools I’ve ever used. It was easy to complete, easy to understand, and provided actionable insights about each of us as individuals and about the other members of the team. I’ve used a variety of similar tools through the years, and I’ve found this instrument to be more straightforward and more useful than any other. Five years later, I still have the group summary at hand and refer to it.”

Jim West, Manager,
Residential and Small Commercial Marketing

Tennessee Valley Authority