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The Brain PathWays™ neuroscience assessment and customized report is a science based product with seven powerful navigation tools for four personalhigh priority life journey pathways: Personal, Career, Student and Family.The following Personal PathWays Testimonials are from people like you:

  • On a life path of self awareness and self-improvement
  • Yearning to reinvent themselves
  • Desiring to discover new and better life pathways
  • Wishing to improve communication with important people
  • Wanting to rediscover their natural gifts and creativity
  • Needing help with a big life decision
“Your story” of how Brain PathWays improved your quality-of-life or has given you breakthrough insights may be an inspiration to someone like yourself. Please consider sharing your experiences by contacting us at
“Knowing your personality type does not help you succeed. By contrast, Brain PathWays tells you how to learn faster, think better, or communicate more effectively, all of which are keys to success!”

“Brain PathWays is a significant more powerful tool for those seeking to enhance personal and professional success when compared to conventional Myers-Briggs or other types of personality or temperament assessment tools. Brain PathWays not only gives valuable insight into who you are, more importantly it tells you how to leverage your preferences for learning, thinking and communicating to dramatically increase professional and personal success. Knowing your personality type, while useful, does not help you succeed. In contrast, Brain PathWays tells you how to learn faster, think better, or communicate more effectively, all of which are keys to success! I have used various types of personality assessment tools periodically for over twenty years, but it was not until I used Brain PathWays and Brain Mode Power that I was finally able to effectively focus professional development so that it actually enhanced my effectiveness, productivity and success. I would recommend that anyone truly committed to personal development use these tools at least annually.”

William F. Goure, Ph.D.

President and Chief Executive Officer, Acumen Pharmaceuticals, Inc.
San Francisco, CA

“I’m excited about the system because I have seen it change the methods participants use to communicate with family, peers, clients, employees and leaders.”

“I am a licensed and certified distributor of the BRAIN MODE® power system so I am biased in my evaluation of Brain PathWays which personal testimonialis the public edition of BRAIN MODE power. For over 5 years I have been using the BRAIN MODE power tools with business clients around the globe and observed the systems used by the founders for the prior 10 years. I have integrated these tools and concepts into a wide variety of my consulting firm’s applications, enabling people to better present, influence, sell and exchange information by aligning their delivery with the learning and thinking styles of recipients. The concepts are used in unique ways in virtually all my client engagements including: leadership development, team building, executive coaching, strategic planning, train-the-trainer, sales training and facilitation. I am excited about the system because I have seen it change the methods participants use to communicate with family, peers, clients, employees and leaders. Participants very quickly grasp the concepts, take self-corrective measures and begin to apply them. Plus, it makes their interactions more fun, by leveraging their creativity to get people more physically involved.

On many occasions including this past weekend when I was leading a session with 100 doctorial students and faculty at a university on how the assessment and processing of learning’s helps people reconcile experiences in their lives. One of the participants a highly auditory member of the U. S. Armed Forces, shared how the Brain Mode power feedback helped him reconcile battlefield experiences when mortar shells exploding nearby deaden his hearing and how he become very disoriented in the midst of battle. Another student shared how she was influenced in her primary education by being in a segregated school, her deep tacit feelings and its connection with her kinesthetic learning. I have witnessed a team of sales people in the middle of a presentation skills program immediately move into a constructive intervention with their manager who was highly global and they were highly sequential with the lack of directions and plans in their sales districts and what they could do to be performing at a higher level. I have witnessed grown adults with tears in their eyes and sharing stories on how they approached their children differently after realizing their children were normal but used different processes for reading, spelling and learning from others. The experience that jumps out for me is a research scientist who helped their auditory child learn how to spell by putting words into musical lyrics. I am truly amazed at how people connect the dots and reconcile events and make immediate changes based on how they learn and think or be at peace with their life experiences.

We are all gifted with unique learning and thinking styles, but often fail to comprehend that our family members, peers, people who report to us and people we need to influence have different learning and thinking processes. Brain Mode power and Brain PathWays not only teach us about ourselves, but teach us how the people in our lives are unique and special and help us communicate and work with them on a much more authentic level.”

Dr. Monty G. Miller, Ed.D, MBA
President, International Performance Solutions
Estes Park, CO

“I look forward to receiving the daily Brain Messages”

 “Doing a random search for self-improvement tools, the Brain PathWays site came up. Although I was hesitant to take another survey I tonyfound the information describing what I would experience intriguing. I decided to go ahead and invest in the profile and I’m happy to say I am completely delighted.

First of all, the questions were understandable and it didn’t take an inordinate amount of time to come to a conclusion in offering my answers. It took about ten minutes to complete and after perusing the result, I decided to print out a copy for a more in depth look at what it concluded based upon my answers. I found it to be very interesting and insightful. The profile gave me a chance to do some introspection. It was interesting to see how specific it was in describing how I best learn, visually, which I knew at some level but to see it in contrast to the other two modes, it made me more clearly understand why I get so frustrated when I am put in a position where my strength is not called upon in a working or learning situation. If I can see and feel it, I can usually understand. Little did I realize I am not as good at listening to instruction or gathering data strictly through the spoken word.  The suggestions on ways to improve my ability to listen are extremely helpful. In addition I was happy to discover listening is my creative mode and can be used to improve my overall learning ability.

The profile also indicated I am more a global thinker rather than someone who pays close attention to detail.  This too was insightful, but I was completely unaware of precisely how global I am when it comes to bringing my perceptions into a conversation.  Sometimes I feel like I am looking at something in broad strokes while everyone else is caught up in the minutiae. I would do better to be more respectful of their take and slow down my own thoughts to accommodate a more balanced approach. Too often in the past, having overlooked detail, I have found myself in more hot water than was necessary.

Thank you for providing such a thorough profile, I look forward to receiving the daily Brain Messages which I am certain will enhance the initial profile. This is something I plan on telling my friends about and letting them in on how they can use this to get ahead just a little faster.”

Tony Ruesing, CSP
Author, Public Speaker, Trainer, Executive Coach
Villa Ridge, MO

“A powerful product that is both easy to use and profound in the depth of insight.”

“I am usually hesitant to purchase assessments without knowing something about the level of knowledge needed to interpret and use the results. Having done the MBTI and similar instruments in the past, I know some of these instruments can be pretty complex and difficult to understand. It’s important to me to get reassurance up front that something new is in easy-to-understand, easy-to-apply format. The Visual, Auditory, Kinesthetic, Global and Sequential anchors in the Brain Pathways model are much more intuitive than DISC and MBTI. Granted, each of the various tools has a different focus, but unless you can translate the insights into day-to-day behavior, what use are they?I was impressed with the speed of processing and availability of the report. From a quick scan of the document I could tell that it was designed to be easily understood and applied to real-world situations. The range of insights was surprising--from career fits to productivity tips to creativity enhancers. Any one of these might have comprised a competing product. The breadth of this survey is a real strength. At this stage of my career, having been in the industry three decades, I liked the insights about personal productivity. I think that's a constant challenge for most people--how to be more effective and productive at a personal level.

The communications pathways results will be valuable information for anyone in almost any situation in life. For me, the career insights seemed to confirm my own impressions at this point in life. But I believe people with less time in a job or a particular industry would find the career and job results practical and action-oriented.

I would recommend this product without hesitation. It is the broadest and most user-friendly tool I have seen. I'm not aware of another product that addresses communications, learning, and thinking styles in one report.

Brain PathWays is a powerful product that is both easy to use and profound in the depth of insight.”

Jim West

Manager, Commercial and Industrial Energy Efficiency Programs
Everett, WA