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The Brain PathWays™ neuroscience assessment and customized report is a science based product with seven powerful navigation tools for four high priority life journey pathways: Personal, Career, Student and testimonialsThe following Family PathWays Testimonials are from people like you:
  • Desiring great communication with your significant other and family members
  • Wondering how to achieve relationship harmony and growth
  • Wanting to understand family conflict and how to eliminate it
  • Yearning for enhanced love and respect with family
  • Needing to unite differences and improve communication effectiveness
  • Desiring fun, healthy and stress free family interactions
“Your story” of how Brain PathWays improved your quality-of-life or has given you breakthrough insights may be an inspiration to someone like yourself. Please consider sharing your experiences by contacting us at

“We discovered that we are NOT on the same ‘wavelength’…”
“As one of the co-creators of the Brain PathWays system, I thought you would be interested in how Brain Pathways has affected my stephenrelationship with Deanna Phelps. Deanna is a co-creator of the system, co-owner of The HADRON Group, my very best friend and wife. When Deanna and I met in August 1992 in St. Louis we immediately started talking about creating something together in the field of human development. It was one of those magical and wonderful moments of rapport and shared vision that has grown with us everyday.

While love, friendship and common goals may seem like a bed-rock foundation for a great relationship, let me say that it takes more to have great communications, work together on a daily basis and achieve lofty goals. Let me continue with the story.

We discovered in our first year that we were not on the same “wavelength” when it came to communications and how we processed information. We also found that we had very different strengths regarding work and personal activities. This caused some conflict and frustration. Deanna frequently said ‘you are not listening to me,’ ‘you are always moving about and fidgeting’ and ‘you seem to be a dreamer and not too practical.’ It is true that I typically don’t like to listen attentively. Yes, I enjoy thinking about future possibilities. I tend to move into immediate physical action when I see something needs to be done without thinking or talking about it very much. On the other hand, Deanna likes to have in-depth discussions and can remember what someone said 5 years ago and their tone of voice. She is more deliberate, thoughtful and practical than me.

After developing our first sensory and cognitive thinking assessment in 1993, we began to understand the dynamics in our relationship.
  • Stephen: Kinesthetic, Visual, and Auditory; Highly Global thinker
  • Deanna: Auditory, Visual, and Kinesthetic; Integrated, leaning Sequential thinker
Our brains are wired differently! This explained a lot. We decided that this was a blessing and we needed to make our relationship work if we were going to be successful business and life partners. Besides, we needed to experience the practicality of the neuroscience principles and methods in our own lives in order to develop products for others.

Visual is our strongest common ground. We use flip charts, white boards, sketch pads and restaurant napkins for planning and problem solving. We also construct ‘to-do’ lists (mostly for me) and use email reminding each other about important matters and keeping each other up-to-date. Deanna gives me the lead on the ‘right brain’ global part of the business and I rely on Deanna’s Integrated and Sequential gifts for practical, balanced and realistic thinking. I have become a more patient and attentive listener asking Deanna questions and paraphrasing what she said. I still like to move into immediate action, ‘fix problems,’ and be the ‘dreamer.’ Deanna has become more hands-on and visionary.

It’s an everyday commitment to grow and communicate on each others wavelengths. Respect and alignment really works for us.”

Stephen Hager
Principal, The HADRON Group, Inc.
Grafton, IL

“My Brain PathWays report is an amazing document…I didn’t think such a thing were possible.”

“Let's just say I'm not a self-help kind of guy. You won't find me reading the 7-Habits books. I figure I'm a smart enough guy and can figure most things out for myself.

The brain, however, is a fascinating piece of hardware. The mind, or the software running on that hardware, is a mysterious and interesting field of study. So I was curious what a 10-minute survey could tell me about my brain and thinking models.

Turns out my sensory modes, in order, were Visual, Kinesthetic, and Auditory, which of course made perfect sense. I'm a very visual person. I can't have a conversation without a pen in my hand to sketch out what I'm trying to describe.

My wife laughed out loud and said, ‘It sure nailed you!’ But as I read through the report, I found real insight into how I can leverage my strengths, gird my weaknesses, and better deal with people who are not like me.My wife, being primarily Auditory, is understandably frustrated when I don't remember what she told me five minutes ago. Acknowledging my visual nature, she now leaves me notes and text messages to remind me of those day-to-day things, and wow, what a difference. My listening skills are much improved with the tips offered in my report too. This has really had an impact on my marriage!

My Brain PathWays report is an amazing document. It describes my method of sensing and thinking to a "T". The report is very specific to me. The information, tips, and coaching are invaluable, and I will be referring back to them on a regular basis. I didn't think such a thing were possible.”

Chuck Spohr

Vice President of Technology
Ballwin, MO

“An interesting and fun way to find out things about yourself and ways to compliment your everyday life.”

“Before taking the on-line survey and reading the report I thought I knew how I learned, worked and communicated best. I was surprised how quick the test was and how much information was generated in the final report. The questions were short and to the point and I did not have to study them over and over just to answer them. I did not expect to receive so much detailed information in my final report.

I like how the report gives feedback on different stages of life, i.e. work, family, school. This can help immensely as things change in people’s lives. I also like the suggestions to exercise the most ‘unused’ part of your brain. I think the results will help me communicate better with people who are not ‘wired’ like me. The report gives me great insight into my way of thinking but also explains how other people process information and the best way to communicate with them. I tend to be very practical, organized and logical. I could quickly see my husband is similar to me but also is a visionary right brained thinker who likes to jump around from one project to another. These insights will help us communicate better.

Brain PathWays is an interesting and fun way to find out things about yourself and ways to compliment your everyday life. This product gives detailed information about yourself, how you learn, how you communicate with others, and how you tackle everyday events.”

Peggy Burford
Travel Agent
St. Louis, MO